Integrated Fluid Management Ltd (IFM), was founded in 2011 by its President (Mr. M. Lindsey Mitchell). IFM is now an established Fluid Management company, specializing in Filtration, Transport of Fluids, Pumping Services and Tank Rentals, for proper storage of clean and waste fluids for proper reuse and disposing. With operations in North America and the Middle East.

IFM has over 30 years of various experience in oilfield fluid management.

Recent IFM News

INTEGRATED FLUID MANAGEMENT has signed a Joint Venture agreement with an international services company NT&S Oilfield Services. NT&S Oilfield Services is an Amman, Jordan based company, with operations in Libya and Iraq.

The JV is important to the growth strategy of IFM. IFM will supply to the JV filtration equipment, fluid storage and transport of fluids as well as supply management for the Middle East projects. NT&S has recently set up a base operation in the Rumala field in Southern Iraq. IFM looks forward to building this operation with NT&S.